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ProClean EcoWash (Patent Pending)

Bleach-Free Roof Cleaning: It's Safe & Effective!

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Zero Chlorine

Safety first

Non-toxic cleaning agents that are safe for your family, your pets, and your home.
Stop Algae

Say goodby to moss!

Protect your exterior surfaces and prevent moss and algae growth before it starts.
Save Cash

Get on our maintenance plan

You can forget about traditional pressure washing. Our alternative to pressure washing lasts.

100% planet friendly

Do you havea 2,000 square foot home? We use 10 gals less product on average!

Is Your Roof Ready for EcoWash?

Find out if you need a professional pressure washing before taking advantage of this amazing preventative.

Do you need a thorough roof cleaning?

How do you know if your roof qualifies for our EcoWash alternative to pressure washing? Well, take a look at the examples provided here. If the surface of the roof is showing signs of organic growth already, we recommend you do a traditional bleach cleaning. However, keep in mind, this will be the last time you ever have to use harmful chemicals.

Our EcoWash safe pressure washing is then performed to help prevent any further moss or algae growth that could cause problems. We come back once a year, and you'll never have to worry about it again.

Are you unsure about what you need? Get an estimate for both eco-friendly pressure washing and our traditional soft wash power washing today!
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Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing

The Process

We're revolutionizing the industry.
Step 1.


We start with a thorough application of the environmentally friendly pressure washing solution. It attaches to mold instantly at starts working.
Step 2.


EcoWash uses biostatic technology that destroys organic growth over time.
Step 3.


Every 12 months we do a quick reapplication to protect your home. Never pay for power washing again!

An Alternative to Pressure Washing That Works

Biostatic cleaning that affects the behavior of organic growth, without harmful chemicals. (Patent Pending)

Is ProClean EcoWash for You?

What happens if you wait do complete common everyday tasks. Eventually, the problem gets worse. Then, it takes longer, more expensive, harsher methods for getting things back to the way they were. That's why our professionals from ProClean Everything encourage you to get your safe pressure washing done before things reach a point of no return.

Instead of blasting your home with dangerous chemicals, you don't have to. ProClean EcoWash delivers effective cleaning without the dangers associated with bleach power washing. It destroys mold, mildew, algae with it's time-release action. In addition, it acts as a preventative solution that is safe for any exterior surface, plants, pets, kids, and whatever else it comes in contact with.
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Safe, non-toxic formula for:
All exterior surfaces (roofing, siding, pavers, wood, metal, etc.)
Plant life, from large trees to delicate grass
Family and animal safe! 
100% SAFE for everything! - That's the bottom line


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The house, roof and driveway look awesome (like new!) I really appreciate Nate’s responsiveness and the time he took to answer all of my questions. I plan on using ProClean’s services in the future. Thanks.
Valerie R.
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We have the answers to your questions

How long before it works?

ProClean EcoWash doesn't eliminate mold instantly. It is a biostatic formula. It stops the organism from multiplying. The condition of your roof determines how long it will take before you see results. Start with a free, no-obligation, custom quote.

What happens when EcoWash is applied?

Mold, algae, and other organic materials think this safe cleaning agent is sugar, so they eat it! Then, after all of the organisms die off, you won't have to worry about another application for a full 12 months.

Does EcoWash come with unique benefits?

Because of the way this environmentally friendly pressure washing detergent is formulated, it's complete safe for people, kids, and pets. In addition, you save money on more frequently required traditional pressure washing. 

Nothing Compares to ProClean EcoWash. Try it Today!

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